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Why I Left my Photo Gear at Home This Summer | When iPhone Photography Is OK

When cell phone technology catches up enough to leave the gear at home, its time to consider how you want to enjoy your vacation and family time. Photographers leave with your bulky and expensive camera gear at home for that next fun park visit, day trip or getaway vacation. Leave it at home and enjoy the time without the worry and carry of expensive gear. But don't forget your iPhone. This is my experience this summer where I did not want to worry about adding another bag into the mix and worry about if my gear is going to get dinged up during family vacation time or day trips adventure.

1/2100 f 1.8 ISO 20

Going on vacation with your family should be fun. When you have kids, there are many things that you need to bring along. Depending on the age, you might need numerous bags, strollers, snacks, coolers, diaper bags, backpacks, bags and more bags... plus your camera bag. Of course you want to capture great, clear and creative photos of your family with that DSLR and fancy lenses that you have paid a lot of money for. Ten or even five years ago my cell phone did not take quality photos like they do now. Bringing my DSLR was a must to get clear captures. Not only do you have another bag to carry along, but its another thing to worry about.  In previous years I liked to have my DSLR with me to capture those moments. I often found myself paranoid with the old hide it under the coats and bags under the stroller trick while going on a ride that you cant take your bags on. Or the wet rides where you are bound to get soaked.  Or leaving the gear back in the hotel or in the car while you go out for the night and the gear gets stolen. 


1/3800 f 1.8 ISO 20

Panoramic Option Panoramic Option

And don't forget the beach. I brought my real gear to the beach...once. Then I sent it off to Canon to have it cleaned from the sand particles in my lens.

1/3700 f 1.8 ISO 20

I'm guilty of all of the above. When my kids were just babies in their first couple years I wanted to bring my DSLR everywhere to capture every moment. At that time we were also lugging he family bags of the necessary accessories also. I hated carrying all that gear, but always wanted to have my "real camera" to capture all the fun family moments while on vacation. I did, I got many good and memorable family photos. But fast forward a few years later, not wanting to carry all that stuff around a theme park or vacation anymore. Now that the diaper bags and strollers are gone, I want to carry as little as possible on a vacation and just enjoy the moments without of lugging my bag around and worry if I'm going to bang up my lens, damage it or have it stolen.


1/30 f 1.8 ISO 25

Still Playing Pac-Man in 2017

Over the recent years cell phone photo quality has greatly improved. Leaving my DSLR behind and bringing along my iPhone 7 for my method of capturing family photos on trips and adventures is the way to go for me. Plus the iPhone takes great video. The quality is great. I do not  think that a cell phone camera can replace the quality and RAW format and editing possibility that I have with my DSLR. Suffice to say the iPhone 7 camera quality has come a long way. Writing this article, I am already behind the times in technology as the iPhone 8 had just been released. The quality of images will only get better with time on phone devices. 

The iPhone 7 Depth Effect is a great option for taking a portrait style photo

1/280 f 2.8 ISO 20 

Just make sure to have enough storage on your device. Upgrade your iCloud storage or save to another cloud drive service. Make sure that space is available to save your memories. 

For the most part, iPhone 7 takes great photographs for capturing moments on the go, especially in sufficient lighting conditions. In low light conditions, even without the flash, the iPhone 7 works very well without the flash.

When on the go and editing phones to quickly to share with family on Facebook and Instagram, I use the (PS Express) Adobe Photo Shop Express app on my phone. It is very similar to Lightroom and is easy to use. If I am not satisfied with my original iPhone photo, I will run a few edits and modifications through PS Express. The PS Express App was used to edit these next two photos

1/3400 f 1.8 ISO 20

I was on a recent summer vacation at a theme park and saw two different people lugging around their DSLR cameras, with large lenses, one was a 70-200mm. While I had quick thoughts of I should have mine too, I remembered why I didn't want to lug all that expensive gear around. I was on vacation. I didn't want to carry it and worry about it. With the new technology of my iPhone 7, it was adequate enough to capture our travels with just the phone in my pocket.

1/3200 f 1.8 ISO 20




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