November 16, 2015


The Palladium | Worcester, MA

September 2015

For the second time in under a year, I got to photograph Faster Pussycat at the Palladium in Worcester. Faster Pussycat was one of those bands of the Sunset Strip of California who were well known in the later part of the 80's as part of the hair band/sleaze rock/heavy metal era. Faster Pussycat may not be on the current pop charts, and some who are reading this had never heard of them before or were around to appreciate that era of rock n' roll. This band still plays in my current iTunes rotation. For those of you who did grow up in the 80's you might remember a few of their hits, such as "House of Pain", "Bathroom Wall" & "Poison Ivy".

Taime Downe is the only original and the founding member of Faster Pussycat, he currently has a great line up of musicians to go along with modern day FP.  They weren't playing any "new" songs, which is just fine with me, these guys don't need new songs, I can appreciate the classics. They just played the music that fans have known and still come out to support these bands over the years. I love it when these types of bands are still out there touring and playing, it may not be big arenas, but these smaller venues are awesome see bands like the perform at. These guys are strangely addicting to watch and listen to. This show was great and I would go and see them over and over again. Out of the over sixty five concerts I've been to since my first one in 1988 on the Van Halen OU812 Tour, I had never seen Faster Pussycat live during the heyday of 80's music era. This was only the third time I had seen Faster Pussycat live, the first was in 2014 when they toured with Quiet Riot and the Bullet Boys. I thought the lighting was at the Palladium was not as good as the first time I photographed them there prior. The "Upstairs" at the Palladium can be hit or miss with lighting.