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The Palladium | Worcester, MA

January 23, 2016

My intentions were to write a quick photo blog with my top photos from the Queensryche show at The Palladium. This one got away from me a little bit and ended up writing about my whole lifetime of being a Queensryche fan for past thirty years.

One of my all time favorite bands is Queensryche. I've been listening to them since I was about twelve years old and I've still followed them all these years. Queensryche songs new and old are part of my daily iTunes rotation. January 2016 brought them to The Palladium in Worcester, MA in support of their new album "Condition Human". This would be my fifth time seeing Queensryche live and second time having the amazing opportunity to photograph them live.  The first time that I saw Queensryche was at The Centrum in Worcester (AKA The DCU Center) in July of 1991 on their Building Empires Tour. A few months later in the fall of 1991 I saw that at the original Boston Garden. I remember how great they sounded live back then. In 2016 they still sound amazing. Despite some band issues and personnel changes over the past few years, they remain a very strong band and sound great live with the current lineup. So this is where two things start to come together for me. A passion for photography and a lifelong music fan. 

From 1991, fast forward to November of 2006 when some fifteen years later I would once again see Queensryche live at a much smaller venue, The Casino Ballroom at Hampton Beach. It was a good show and good experience to see them in a smaller, more intimate venue, from the fan perspective. This was the last time I would see them with the original lead singer, Geoff Tate. They were touring in support of the Operation Mindcrime II album, which I did purchase and listen to. Not as astonishing at the original Operation Mindcrime album, which I can still listen to front to back to this day. Lets just say that I was somewhat disappointed at that show and with Tate. What once was an amazing all around show had turned into something else. It was more like the Geoff Tate Broadway show. Several years later I would understand what had happened within the band to make the turn that it did. In 2012, the band and Geoff Tate split up and a reportedly ugly battle. Of course as a hard core Ryche fan, it is disappointing news and not knowing all the details, you wonder why they split up. I am one who has a hard time with non-original band lineups, as are most music fans of the 80's era. In 2014, Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson won a legal battle over the Queensryche name and resumed the band with the addition of Todd La Torre on vocals and Parker Lundgren on guitar, taking the place of the original Chris DeGarmo. 

May 2015 was the first time I saw Queensryche with the new members at Mohegan Sun. I was blown away and I had no doubts or hangups about the direction or lineup of this band. It was Queensryche and they were stronger than ever. Not disappointed at all. Since that time myself and the other Queensryche fans have been very enthusiastic about the band and the new music they are making in 2016. They are still out enthusiastically out touring playing the classic songs as well as new songs from Condition Human.

On January 23, 2016, Queensryche made a return to Worcester, Massachusetts, to The Palladium, a stones throw away from where they had last played in the city in 1991. There was a terrible snow storm that almost crippled most of the northeast region. We were fortunate Queensryche made it to Worcester ahead of the storm. They drove up from a show in New Jersey the night before. They had to cancel a couple shows in the following days, due to snow in the cities they were scheduled to play.

Not much more to say. They just continue to put on an amazing show.







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