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Social Media & Web Page Management Consultation Services

Are you starting out a new business, webpage or social media accounts or just looking to improve, rebrand or redesign what you already have. I can assist you in revamping your webpage, adding content and improving your social media channels.

Now is a good time to set up a webpage that goes along with your business or organization. Fix up an old page or start something new.

Need help with it? Or just don't feel like maintaining it. Can’t figure out how to redirect your new domain to your page? I can help. Available for consultation and maintenance services.

Social media is a useful tool for any growing or established business, but a homepage is essential. Your homepage should be your home base source for your customers to be directed to and show up in a Google search result with more detailing information about your business.

Add a blog to your page. Keep information fresh. Share stories about your business, product, employees or whatever. You might need a wordsmith to help you along. I can work with you to create written and visual content for your page and social media.

Expand your social media view. If you are just on Facebook, and might not be on other social channels because you are unsure how they operate. I can help. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. I can help you navigate, set up, maintain and help to educate you on how to better utilize these methods on your own.

Your ideas start here. I look forward to working with you to help fully utilize your social media and web page. I have experience with setting up web pages, maintaining them and maintaining social communities. I offer social media management and consultation services, webpage management, photography and writing services that will help boost the look of your message.

Contact me here, or call 508.266.5279 for a FREE consultation about your about growing your business by improving its place on the web and social media.


Hootsuite Certified Professional: Social Marketing Certification- Hootsuite Academy

Google Analytics Academy: Google Analytics for Beginners

Social Media Promotion for Musicians, Artists and Engineers

Social Media Marketing: Managing Online Communities

Advanced Branding | Branding Foundations

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social Media Marketing: Optimization

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Adobe Lightroom | Adobe Creative Cloud | Adobe Spark | Wordpress | Google AdSense | Hootsuite | Tweet Deck | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube